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Blue Belladonna Dress

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Blue Belladonna Dress

Inspired by the vibrant color of Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul (Blue House). The Belladonna Dress, is an ode to the deep hues of cobalt blue the house is famously known for. Casa Azul’s color choice was later known to represent Frida’s admiration for the indigenous people of Mexico. Fabrics and dyes have played such a huge role in Mexico’s history which is why I was so drawn to making this connection.

This playful midi length dress features short puffed sleeves and two hidden side-seam pockets with a side zip closure. Delicate self-covered detailing buttons extend to the mid-bust. Wear it with your favorite marry jane shoes or oxford loafers.

The Blue Belladonna Dress are crafted in the heart of Los Angeles made from 100% dead stock cotton.